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We Buy Gold and Silver

Mar 25, 2015 10:44:01 AM

We buy gems and precious metals Read More
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Federal Firearms License

Oct 15, 2013 9:03:29 AM

FFL Read More
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May 28, 2013 9:38:13 AM

No bicycles Here.... Read More
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Birthstone for February Is....

Feb 4, 2013 1:46:12 PM

Birthstone for February Is.... Read More
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Garnet is the Birthstone January

Jan 5, 2013 3:14:38 PM

If you are born in January your birthstone is the Garnet. Read More
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If you are born in November your birthstone is the Golden or Yellow Topaz.Click here for more info. about the Golden or Yellow Topaz Read More
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Opal Is the Birthstone for October

Oct 2, 2012 11:07:51 AM

If you are born in October your birthstone is the Opal.Click here for more info. about the Opal. Read More
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Birthstone For September is Sapphire

Sep 5, 2012 9:28:57 AM

Birthstone For September is the Sapphire.For more info... Read More
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What is pawn?

Aug 28, 2012 9:51:53 AM

What is a collateral loan or pawn? Read More
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Orange Pawn Shop for music instruments

Aug 28, 2012 8:44:18 AM

Orange Pawn Shop for instruments! Need a trumpet, saxaphone, violin or other instrument for your student returning to school this fall? Come to Orange Pawn for quality used instruments at low prices.Don't go out and spend the big bucks,your child may not stay with it.Get a less expensive one till your student decides it is what they want to do. Read More
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Aug 28, 2012 8:29:47 AM

ORANGE PAWN SHOP END OF SUMMER SALE!!!! Friday September 21, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturday September 22, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.Guitars, amps, instruments, tools, electronics, fishing equipment, china, sports memorablilia and more. All 25% to 50% off our already low prices.Jewelry, coins and firearms excluded.No lay-a-ways on End of Summer Sale items. Read More
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Birthstone for August is the Peridot

Aug 6, 2012 11:41:42 AM

Birthstone for August is the Peridot Peridot (pair-a-doe) is a variety of Olivine.Olivine being more of a deep olive color and Peridot a lighter more yellowish green.Peridot can range from apple green to brownish olive.Peridot is dichromatic which means the color is due to the chemical composition of the mineral not from additional trace elements.Varying concentrations of iron determine the depth of color.The premium Peridot is the apple green color with a hint of gold. Peridot is found in the Middle East, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Arizona and Hawaii. Nearly 95% if the world’s production of Peridot is from Arizona. The Peridot from the Middle East is more rare and of better quality.Peridot also comes from Outer Space as it is found in iron-nickel meteorites called pallasites.These are often faceted and made into jewelry. Peridot has been mined for over 4000 years and legend has it this gem was Cleopatra’s favorite.Introduced to Europe by the crusaders in the Middle Ages it was used in many pieces of jewelry worn by royalty and the court.This was mostly because they confused this green gem with the more valuable emerald.In more modern times,when the values of these pieces were reassessed it was discovered the true identity of the stone.Peridot is 6.5 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale.It can be faceted for jewelry, but care should be taken in wearing rings and bracelets as the stone is a little brittle. Peridot reacts badly to acids so remove your Peridot jewelry when doing housework or working with any acids.Never place your Peridot in the ultrasonic cleaner and do not use steam to clean.Simply use a soft tooth brush with mild soap and water.Then dry with a soft cloth.Check our store for great deals on peridot jewelry.
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July Birthstone is the Ruby

Jul 9, 2012 8:45:53 AM

Birthstone for the month of July is the Ruby.Here is some helpful information about the ruby.Ruby is a variety of the Corundum species.Sapphire is also a variety of Corundum.The most desirable color for ruby is “pigeon’s blood”.This is a rich deep red with a hint of blue.The mineral which provides the color is chromium.In the rubies leaning to a brownish tones,iron is also present in the stone.Heat treatment is very often used to improve the color of the stone.Inclusions are common, but these do not necessarily mean the stone is of poor quality.They are an indication of whether or not the stone is of natural or synthetic origin.Certain inclusions are specific to natural stones as certain inclusions are specific to synthetics.Star rubies are a result of phenomena called chatoyancy. Reflection of light from minute, parallel, needlelike inclusions. Chatoyancy results in the Cat’s Eye effect in rubies, sapphires, and a number of other stones.This effect is achieved when the stone is cut in a high cabochon.As the stone moves the light reflects as a cat’s eye across the surface of the stone.Asterism, the star effect, is a result of the reflection of light from sets of minute, oriented, needle-like inclusions. The stone may be cut in either a high or medium cabochon.Stars can produce four to six rays.At times a twelve star is achieved, but this is rare.Rubies are one of the more expensive gem stones, the larger specimens being more rare than diamonds.Synthetic rubies first appeared on the market in 1885 with the Geneva Ruby created by a Monk not far from Geneva Switzerland. Many think because a piece of jewelry is antique, the red stone has to be a ruby, and has to be natural.This is definitely not the case.Not only can the stone be synthetic, it may also be one of the other natural red stones used in those periods.Spinel, pyrope garnet, and almadite garnet.These are all natural stones often used in place of actual rubies.There is also synthetic spinel which was used as a less expensive alternate to natural ruby.Synthetic rubies are created with two methods, the Flame Fusion or Verneuil process and the Flux Grown process. Each has specific inclusions which develop during the two processes and these inclusions are used to differentiate between Flame Fusion and Flux Grown methods.
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Cleaning Your Pearls

Jun 27, 2012 12:36:23 PM

Pearl Nacre is delicate. It can begins to peel off if you do not take proper care.Do not use any harsh cleaners on your pearls.Never submerge your pearls in a cleaner, this is not good for your pearls or the silk on which they are strung.Cleaning pearls is very simple.Take a damp cloth with a little mild soap.Gently rub the pearls.Take a damp cloth and wipe them off.Lay them out to dry on another cloth. Do not put pearls in direct sunlight. Allow 24 hours for the silk to dry.Simple care of your pearls will allow you to enjoy them for many years.
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Sidewalk Sale Saturday June 9,2012

Jun 7, 2012 12:47:50 PM

We are having a home decor sale at our **location on Satuday June 9,2012.As you know we do Estate Sales.As a result, we have a very large in ventory of various home decor items.For example:crystal,furniture,Collectables,Artwork, and dinnerware.So, come on down and find some great deals and help us make some room. ** 829 N. Tustin Street,Orange Ca.92867 Read More
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June Birthstone is the Pearl

Jun 5, 2012 10:17:58 AM

Pearls are the Birthstone for the Month of June.They are also known as the Wedding jewel.We have gathered some pearl information you might enjoy. Read More
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May Birthstone Is The Emerald

Apr 30, 2012 1:44:18 PM

Birthstone for Month of May Is the Emerald.Emeralds are of the Beryl species.Other varieties of Beryl are Aquamarine, Morganite, Goshenite, Bixbite, Heliodor and Golden Beryl.The mineral which gives the true Emerald its deep green color is Chromium. An Emerald’s color is often irregular and it is most desirable to have the blue/green coloring Emeralds are often cloudy, this is called the jardin (garden) and is evidence the stone is of natural origin and not synthetic. The finest specimens are transparent.Emeralds are sometimes rejuvenated by soaking them for 24 hours in heated clear grape seed oil. For years this was an acceptable method of caring for Emeralds. Some debate has begun as to whether or not this would be considered enhancement and should it be disclosed to the purchaser. I personally take care of my Emeralds in this manner to keep them looking their best, much as I oil my antique wood furniture. I do it to preserve the quality and personally do not consider it an enhancement. If the Emerald is badly damaged, soaking in grape seed oil with not have any effect of the appearance.Colombian Emeralds are the most sought after as they have the very deep blue green hue.Emeralds are also found in Africa, Russia, and some minor deposits in the United States.The green found in these deposits is not the deep Emerald green, but the specimens are of good quality.At Orange Pawn we have a large variety of very fine Emeralds in a range of carats and clarity.
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April Birthstone Is The Diamond

Apr 12, 2012 2:30:40 PM

If you were born in April your birthstone is Diamond.Diamond jewelry became popular when the candle light parties of the Royalty of Europe were all the rage.Diamonds reflect the candle light with such brilliance and scintillation.It was great cause for excitement among the courtiers and everyone wanted diamond jewelry.Necklaces,head pieces,earrings,rings and elaborate brooches.Kings, Queens,Lords,and Ladies were covered with these precious gems and they also adorned their clothing with them as well.In the early days of admiration for diamonds, while they did reflect great brilliance,the old cuts of the day did not do the stones justice.Since that time, diamond cutters have developed many cuts for diamonds that allow for maximum reflection of light, creating beautiful stones far beyond that of the old days.Tiffany’s,Cartier,and other historic jewelers, created cuts which increased the number of facets,bringing astounding beauty to the world of diamonds.In the last 100 years American diamond cutters have contributed new faceting patterns, making some of the most beautiful cuts in the industry.Here at Orange Pawn, we offer a wide variety of diamond jewelry styles and grades with price ranges to fit every budget.
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New Coin Counter

Apr 12, 2012 8:59:31 AM

We Have Coins!! We just reorganized our cases to include a new coin display.We have many different kinds of coins available for sale in our store.Why not put them online you ask?Well, some people have problems understanding our descriptions.So, we figured if you come in, and inspect the items for yourself, there is no question as to the quality coins we are offering.We have gold coins,silver coins,U.S. proof sets and many others.If you don't see it ask, we still might have what you are looking for.So, come on down and see for yourself!

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Hello World

Sep 6, 2011 12:28:00 AM

Welcome to our online store and blog. We are so excited to finally launch our site and offer all these wonderful products to everyone. Enjoy shopping and please visit often!
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