If you were born in April your birthstone is Diamond.Diamond jewelry became popular when the candle light parties of the Royalty of Europe were all the rage.Diamonds reflect the candle light with such brilliance and scintillation.It was great cause for excitement among the courtiers and everyone wanted diamond jewelry.Necklaces,head pieces,earrings,rings and elaborate brooches.Kings, Queens,Lords,and Ladies were covered with these precious gems and they also adorned their clothing with them as well.In the early days of admiration for diamonds, while they did reflect great brilliance,the old cuts of the day did not do the stones justice.Since that time, diamond cutters have developed many cuts for diamonds that allow for maximum reflection of light, creating beautiful stones far beyond that of the old days.Tiffany’s,Cartier,and other historic jewelers, created cuts which increased the number of facets,bringing astounding beauty to the world of diamonds.In the last 100 years American diamond cutters have contributed new faceting patterns, making some of the most beautiful cuts in the industry.Here at Orange Pawn, we offer a wide variety of diamond jewelry styles and grades with price ranges to fit every budget.