Birthstone for Month of May Is the Emerald.Emeralds are of the Beryl species.Other varieties of Beryl are Aquamarine, Morganite, Goshenite, Bixbite, Heliodor and Golden Beryl.The mineral which gives the true Emerald its deep green color is Chromium. An Emerald’s color is often irregular and it is most desirable to have the blue/green coloring Emeralds are often cloudy, this is called the jardin (garden) and is evidence the stone is of natural origin and not synthetic. The finest specimens are transparent.Emeralds are sometimes rejuvenated by soaking them for 24 hours in heated clear grape seed oil. For years this was an acceptable method of caring for Emeralds. Some debate has begun as to whether or not this would be considered enhancement and should it be disclosed to the purchaser. I personally take care of my Emeralds in this manner to keep them looking their best, much as I oil my antique wood furniture. I do it to preserve the quality and personally do not consider it an enhancement. If the Emerald is badly damaged, soaking in grape seed oil with not have any effect of the appearance.Colombian Emeralds are the most sought after as they have the very deep blue green hue.Emeralds are also found in Africa, Russia, and some minor deposits in the United States.The green found in these deposits is not the deep Emerald green, but the specimens are of good quality.At Orange Pawn we have a large variety of very fine Emeralds in a range of carats and clarity.