Topaz does dual duty as a birthstone.November, yellow or golden topaz is the birthstone and in December,the blue topaz holds the title.In more resent years citrine has been named an alternative for November since it is the same color and a bit less expensive than topaz. November is still fall so the golden color of the topaz or citrine matches with the golden shades of this time of year. Topaz can be colorless, yellow, orange, red-brown, various shades of blue, pink to red, violet, or light green. It is a relatively hard stone coming in at 8 on the Moh's scale. Topaz is found in many countries throughout the world. Very often topaz is substituted for sapphires.They both come in similar colors but the topaz is a little bit less expensive.Pale blue topaz is sometimes confused with Aquamarine. White topaz has long been used as a diamond substitute with one of the most famous topaz in the world being the Braganza "diamond" which is found in the Portuguese Crown Jewels. For many years it was thought to be a diamond but it is actually a white topaz. Citrine is in the species quartz. It is heat treated amethyst. Citrine is a beautiful warm golden color very similar to the yellow topaz but more economical which is why it makes a perfect substitute for the November birthstone.