A pawn is simply a collateral Loan.With pawn the borrower uses an item of value as collateral against the loan. For this reason no credit is needed.This item remains locked away for the period of the loan which is four months with a ten day grace period. At the end of that period the loan becomes due. The amount borrowed plus the accrued interest is to be paid by the end of the business day. If the borrower wishes, he/she can pay just the interest on the loan and “roll over” for another period of four months. If no payment is made by the end of this period, the item becomes the property of the pawn shop and is available for sale. Picture ID is required to take out a loan and you must be 18 years of age.Pawned items can be picked up ONLY by the individual pawning the item. Anyone can pay the interest for that person, but only with a Power of Attorney, can anyone other than the borrower redeem the item. When Pawning firearms,when the firearm is redeemed it must be re-registered with the state of California. There is a DROS fee which goes to the state, added to the loan and the interest amount. There is a 10 day waiting period on the firearm just as if it were newly purchased.